Quotes by Ben Hogan
"As you walk down the fairway of life you must stop and smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
"I play golf with friends sometimes, but there are never friendly rounds."
"I always outworked everybody. Work never bothered me as it bothers some people."
"Relax, How can you play golf and relax. You have to grip the club don't you"
"There are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection."
"My greatest accomplishment was being able to make a living after going broke twice after starting out."
"I didn't know the yardage, I didn't want to know the yardage. There are too many variables. The wind, the density, how you're playing that day. I don't think I could have played by yardage."
Quotes about Ben Hogan
"He was the greatest player. If he could putt 25 percent as well as Palmer could, he would have won 50 percent more tournaments."
– Tommy Bolt
"When I play with him, he talks to me on every green. He turns to me and says. "you're away.""
– Jimmy Demaret
"Hogan plays one game and the rest of us play another."
– Dave Marr
"He looks at you like a landlord asking for next month's rent."
– Anonymous
Ben Hogan Factoids
When he was asked to disclose the "secret" of his swing, he said, "the secret's in the dirt."
Trudging on tired legs he shot a 66 in the third round of 1967 Masters at age 54. He was too old and his legs too sore to compete in tournaments again.
In 1955, before the U. S. Open at Olympic, a shipment of balls was placed at his locker. One by one he removed each ball from it's carton and peered at it through a magnifying glass. Every so often he threw one of the new balls into his shag bag. Harvie Ward who won the U. S. Amateur that year shook his head. "Excuse me Ben he said, but why are you throwing those new balls away? "Some of them," he replied, "have a little too much paint in the dimples."
From "The Hogan Mystique," Ben Crenshaw said, "to me they are the finest shots ever taken of Ben Hogan in action. They reflect the passion and pride of a man who truly loved his work. Especially fascinating to me are the shots that capture Hogan in a way that only a true artist such as Jules could do.
Hogan had four theories of playing.
1. If the pin is in the right hand side of the green, the shot goes in from the left.
2. If the pin is in the left hand side of the green, the shot goes in from the right.
3. If the pin is in the front it goes in high.
4. If the pin is in the back it goes in lower.
Hogan said "if you have trajectory you have accuracy." That is because you are striking the ball properly.
Hogan had an extra spike in his shoe. It helped keep him down through his swing.
Hogan claimed the left hand had two functions. First, to hold on and second not to break down. "you don't hook a ball because you have a strong right hand, you hook it because you have a weak left hand."